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    The Nemean Hord Clan Chain of Command and Duties



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    The Nemean Hord Clan Chain of Command and Duties

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    These are the Duties of those within the Chain of Command here at Order of the Blood Dragons.

    1.) Elders ~
    The Elders is the very top of the CoC. He meets with the Royals and Alpha's to make the laws and exact punishment when needed.

    2.) High Prince/Princess ~
    It is their to bring forth disturbances within the Clan to the Elders if they are unable to handle it themselves. If they are, they will inform them about the situation, and the resolution. They assist in writing new laws, and preview them. They monitor members of the Royal Court, making sure they complete the duties that are set before them.

    3.) Prince/Princess
    It is their duty to assist the Lady's and Knights to learn all there is to move up within the Clan. They provide guidance and assist the High Princess/Princess in creating the laws to be brought before the Elders.

    4.) Lord(Knight) & Lady
    This is the first step on the road to Royalty. It is their duty to assist in teaching all new members. They have proven that they are willing to get to know and assist the family in any way they can. They have also proven they understand BL information and what it is to be a member of the Clan.

    5.) Royal Guard
    The duties of the guard is to protect the members of the family and see to the safety of the royals they will be responsible for upholding the rules and laws if at anytime they feel the rules have been broken or not upheld they will bring the person before the High Prince and High Princess and the King and Queen for punishment and/or judgment to be determined

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