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    The Nemean Hord Clan Constitution



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    The Nemean Hord Clan Constitution

    Post by Admin on Thu Mar 10, 2016 3:37 pm

    Constitution for the Nemean Horde Clan

    This constitution has been written and approved by the Elders of Nemean Horde Clan. These are the rules and expectations of ALL members of the Nemean Horde Clan.

    Respect is a big belief here in the Nemean Horde Clan. Everyone has the right to it and should expect it in return. Your Elders Mavirvk and Dragon have worked hard to provide and protect those here. He deserves more than Respect. They deserves loyalty as well.

    1.) All member are required to be kind to other members and guests, no exceptions. As in all social situations, you do not have to like everyone, but we DO expect you to at least be civil. Treat others as you want to be treated and we'll get along just fine!

    2.) Your participation is not required, but definitely encouraged. We are not here to entertain you, but there is a full sim of things to do, and members that would like to get to know you and spend time with you. Any member can plan and hold an event, and add to the whole of the clan.

    3.) Turnings and Bondings are special occasions. Please set a date, and send out notices to allow others to assist or attend these special events. At LEAST one elder must be present for all turnings & bondings.

    4.) New members. Before a new member can be invited to the Nemean Horde Clan, they are required to meet the Elders. But please, get to know possible clan members well before actually inviting them. You are asking them to be a part of something larger, make sure that is what they are truly interested in.

    5.) Drama... Is to be kept to a minimum. There will always be a certain amount of it, that can't be helped, but there is no need to instigate this and/or make it worse. In the case of abuse or disrespect, the victim is to send a notecard to their liege and on up through the Chain of Command.

    6.) Group chat we do ask that if group opens, you acknowledge it. If you are at work and unable to participate, a quick "hello, sorry to cut it short, at work ttyl", is all that is needed, we would love to hear from you, but not if it will disrupt your work.

    7.) If the Elders speak to you about a wrong doing, never assume that we ASSUME you did wrong, we would like both sides, don't take offense, be open and honest. We are here to help AND keep you safe.

    8.) Ejection/Ban - This will only happen after being voted upon or for major offenses to the clan. Being brought in by someone, makes you a part for as long as you want to be. There is no auto ejection because you were with someone here, and that ends, if you still want to be an active part, you are welcome to be.

    9.) Classes that are held are mandatory to show interest within the Clan for new Members to also learn more about Roleplay as well as Bloodlines info. If people no show for 3 classes, it is grounds for ejection. (rl comes first, please notify the teacher(notice sender) or your liege to reschedule).

    10.) Spam should be to a minimum no over doing it.

    11.) No soul taking without permission of the soul keeper. No blind feeding for Blood/Lumens or any unsanctioned turnings. Any of these ATTEMPTS and you will be put on probation, second attempt will be exile from the clan.

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