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    Vampire (Archfiend) Tools



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    Vampire (Archfiend) Tools

    Post by Admin on Thu Mar 10, 2016 2:35 pm

    The Coffin:
    allows you to send Vital Blood to anyone directly from your tanks/casks even if they are offline. You can even use it to fill your on Vital blood. It comes in 4 different types, Velvet, Stone, Wood and Metal. It has chat command abilities for ease of use as well as the typical menus.

    The Siphon:
    allows you to transfer Vital Blood between casks and tanks in large amounts.

    Blood Scan:
    This is a web based clan management system. It has many various uses and is used in junction with the Thirst Bloodlines. It allows you to quickly see the stats of your minions, gives a graph of your total soul history and will show you a history of you minions' liege changes. In addition if one of your minions has a blood scan you can see their minion's stats as well. It also includes a 4 alarm system which will let you know if any of your minions are in danger of the curse for that night.

    The Insignia:
    is a recruitment system for Clans / Packs / Hordes and Guilds (groups). Any leader of a group can load the Insignia server with a texture of their chosen group insignia, and a notecard about their group. They can then burn their insignia into the badge, and hand it out to help recruit people for their clan. Anyone who wears their badge will be vended the notecard in the Insignia server!

    Soul Reaper:
    allows you to take souls from another player. This can be handy if you have someone who wishes for you to hold there soul and the other person who currently holds it is agreeable to it.

    The Spike:
    is a quick way to take vital blood from other players in large amounts. It can be a useful tool in turnings and ragings as well amongst other things. It has animated attacks for almost all avatar heights.

    Vital Blood:
    is essential to all Vampires, if you don't keep an eye on your blood levels you can end up destroyed which means all of your souls go into the abyss, and you will have to pay to get them back. Vital blood comes from a few different forms, you can bite/spike another player. Buy a bottle of blood or get it from a tank/cask. If you are ever low please speak to your liege about it straight away so we can help.

    are essentially blood containers. They hold Vital blood which can be used to help feed others or yourself. There are many different sizes of tanks/Casks.


    Within the Bloodlines game you can only hold 5L of blood within your body at any one time, which is why tanks come in handy, they allow you to store blood which you can use yourself or sell or give to another who needs it.

    The Blood Bottle:
    can be used to fill tanks/casks 5L at a time


    The Blood Bond:
    links you to another vampire though vital blood. Both parties must make a sacrifice of 1 L of blood in order to form the bond, and if they wish for the bond to be broken they must make another 1 L sacrifice. The beauty of the bond is they can send their partner vital blood directly from themselves at any time.

    The Amulet
    The Amulet is curse protection, there are 4 different types of protection, 5 day, 14 day, 30 day and Forever. Depending on which one you buy depends on how long you don't need to worry about the curse for. These come in handy if you know you have to be away from second life for a period of time and don't want to worry about coming back destroyed. However within our clan if you let us know you are going away we can organize to keep you from becoming destroyed anyway.

    The Blood Vial.
    This is a small wearable vial that you can fill. It can be something that for a people has a sentimental value it can also be a life saver if someone is on the verge of being destroyed.

    Blood Alter
    The Blood Altar allow you to accept sacrifices on behalf of a specified King, Queen, or Alpha. If they receive enough sacrifices, they will become Demigods or Demigoddesses, and can compete with other Demigods to become the Vampire, Lycan, or Hybrid God or Goddess.

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