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    Being a Human (Cherished)



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    Being a Human (Cherished)

    Post by Admin on Thu Mar 10, 2016 3:08 pm

    You are a treasure to us all as you give the gift of life.  You accept apples for your gift, but you do not demand or even require them to provide for your family.  You know that your blood levels are your own responsibility and will ensure that you never drop below 50% humanity.  If you are unable to maintain your humanity, please speak with your Liege.  With some of the monetary contributions, Cider is purchased for just these instances.

    You are to cause no drama or tension.  If you have problems or issues, please see the notecard named Chain of Command.  We are here to help you, in any way we can, but unfortunately, we are not able to see into your mind, it is your responsibility to let us know.

    You are welcomed and encouraged to find new Cherished to add to our ranks and to ensure a constant supply for our thirsty Vampires, Lycans and Hybrids.

    It is your Liege's duty and responsibility to guide you and teach you well.  It is your duty to embrace their instruction and to pass that knowledge on to your future minions.

    Blood Dolls/Cherished are just as important as lycans and vampires in this family.  As a human, you help us stay alive when we struggle to find blood and/or lumens.

    We do have Blood/Lumen drives when the stock gets low.  A notice will be sent out.  If you are not able to make it, please get in touch with your liege to set up a time to contribute.  There are no excuses for not arriving or not setting up a separate time.  If you do not receive your notices when you are online, go into Groups, then Order of Blood Dragons and check the past notices.  You can view all notices you might have missed there. (it does go back several weeks).  
    ** Real Life, always comes first, we do understand that, if you aren't online, when you are able to get on, IM your Liege to see about setting it up.

    It is our honor and pleasure to have you among us.  We are a close family.  Those of you who have come from other types of clans, will find that our feeling about this Clan is quite.... different.  If you need a home, let us know, it can easily be provided.  You are a PART of the family now, be with us, spend time with us... We care about you, as an individual.... Not just one of the masses.

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